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Test us, you will see for yourself our high delivery capacity. 

We deliver qualified and experienced employees for short- and long-term projects. We maintain a constantly updated and extended database which consists of several thousand talented people, thanks to which, in a very short time, we are able to provide you with consultants with even the most unique qualifications.


We help you in re-evaluating and redesigning an IT environment that is aligned with your business goals. We offer a full range of business and IT consulting service.


We you looking for new and innovative ways to increase top lines. There is an increasing number of various types of IT services available for businesses, let us be your partner in your business.

Infrastructure solutions and services

We offer comprehensive, cost efficient and packaged solutions and services that help you align your IT infrastructure with your overall business strategy. Our team optimize your IT infrastructure for true business value by balancing flexibility and cost.


We provide enterprise solutions to your information demands combining know-how of enterprise business intelligence. We can also help you to utilise your key information assets by transforming them from information to knowledge in order to drive sound business decisions and increase productivity.


We support our customers in ensuring high quality of the systems, both those delivered to them and received. Software testing is often the first systems-development budget item to be cut when corporate spending is trimmed. Large organizations are finding it increasingly difficult to do comprehensive software testing internally. Businesses expect IT organizations to deliver higher quality systems in lesser time, and with fewer resources.

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